If you Stop and Think, it all starts with YOU! This is what I mean: 👇

Whether your goal is, all starts with your willingness to try it out. Whether you want to be rich, fit, success, lose weight, gain muslcle, become a better person, you are in that moment that you reach your limits, enough is enough and you want to change. That’s is where it all starts!

Than , you start to search around HOW and WHAT to do in order to progress. So let’s take for example, if your goal is to lose weight and get fit and dive deep into diet plans that it works for you .

You search , research, see reviews, listen to other successful stories, read about it and decide to finally give it a try in 1 specific diet strategy. Take in consideration the numerous diet plans out there, paleo, ketogenic, protein diet, no carbs diet, Atkins, Intermittent Fast, Non processed food diet, raw food diet, and the list goes on….

The majority of the cases people jump from diet to diet and never reach their goals. Some cases, people have great results at first and than back to square one.

In thing in common on all the diet plans is that they restrict certain types of food you shouldn’t eat in order to succeed on your plan.

Please allowed me to share my professional point of view based on physiology and psychology after coach hundreds of clients in multiples countries with different culture/food for over 20 years:

1. Physiologically every diet plan there is benefits. And all diet plans works. They are different strategies that you can use accordantly with your necessity. And it can be adjusted for a client along the program for maximise results.

2. Psychologically for clients/people to create and adapt to new habits of eating , THERE IS WHERE 99% of people struggle. Everyone can do a 7 days diet plan but not everyone have the patience, discipline and understanding to change eating habits and adapt a new healthy lifestyle that for sure will turn into great results. The big “FAIL” is to think that a specific diet plan is the solution for “several years bad eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle choices”.

The Solution is to understand your currently health and fitness conditions, physiologically i mean knowing exactly your body fat% levels, visceral fat levels, muscle mass, water %, bone density, VO2 capacity, metabolic rate, and others facts that shows exactly how you are. With that , you also need to know what will be the ideal “numbers” you should be or in other words, how a healthy person numbers look like.

Second, once you know where you are and where you should be, you will need a goal setting and a “PLAN” to achieve your goal. Now , this Plan is composed with the training plan, nutrition plan, supplements plan, stress management plan, awareness psychologically that you will need to change some habits in order to succeed and the most important thing… you will need to MAKE THE DECISION to DO IT. Act on the plan without looking back.

It’s a BEHAVIOUR CHANGE, using the knowledge, time, action, discipline , dedication, patience, resilience, training , focus to progress.

And for those who study, try it out, achieve certain results, using different strategies of diet and experience amazing progress, well done!!!! Whatever you are trying to do now , i salute you.

So if you asked me what diet plan works, what type of training works… my answer is:

YOU WORKS at the moment you are willing to change, to adapt new good habits and to let go bad habits. Your capacity to stick to the changes will define if you will succeed.

Are you open to create new healthy habits in your life? Are you ready to let go currently bad habits?