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transform your body! 


I can imagine how many times people try to lose weight or achieve an amazing physique and after few weeks they give up and come back where they have started. The main reason for that is because they don’t see any results even after put a lot of work on training and nutrition.

With that said it is important to mention that having the right information meaning , to know exactly what to do in order to achieve your goal, is crucial for your progress, it is essential to have the right map , so you can keep on progressing , starting to see results, therefore you will most likely continue and eventually will achieve your goal.

Even some people talks about the work that is needed to do such a transformation , I believe and experienced by fact after 20 years of “Changing People’s Body” , that they all are able to do the work (even though you may think it’s too hard) as long they start to see results. They feel a sense of “it is worth it” and after that it’s just a matter of time to see your body transform.

Next month July 2019, I will launch the first TBT30 JUMP START PROGRAM (TBT30 – TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION IN 30 DAYS , which will be a highly committed group of people, max 3 people, who will JUMP START their journey of 30 days with me , doing all right when it comes to training and eating. I called a JUMP START program because we all know that in 30 days, you can definitely Transform your body from where you are to where you would like to be, specially can transform your habits, but 30 days it is a jump start for the majority of people who will need a little more time to achieve their ultimate outcome.

We all know psychologically that people “get used to things” and can adapt/create a “new habit” and in a period of 30 days this is what will happen to you! You will get used to be FIT!


  • 30 Days Nutrition Plan (weekly delivered – adjusted accordantly with your body changes)
  • 30 Days Training Plan
  • 9 Personal Training Sessions (training twice a week)
  • Body composition Test “Weekly Taken” to track of the progress/results
  • Access to me directly from WhatsApp anytime, or in person twice a week. (answering all your questions)


This PROGRAM it’s NOT FOR EVERYONE, but for ONLY those who are committed to achieve their goal.

If you are interested to:

  • Change your body
  • Look the best you ever looked
  • Feel confident and feeling good with yourself
  • Learn how to eat well and yet lose fat while you enjoy your FOOD

Click on the bottom below and type the word “TBT30” on the enquiry box to get to know about the Program  Schedule and Fees (when I will launch, which days we will train, how much that will be and how you can sign up for ).