We are often telling ourselves “WE DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME” in a day to do all we need to do. But in fact , we can’t “find” time but we can “CREATE” time.


Last week I was watching a coaching course from my business coach Craig Ballantyne , and he mentioned the “4 types of things we spend/invest time in our life, the:


  1. Not Important & No urgent 
  2. Urgent but Not Important 
  3. Important and Urgent 
  4. Important but Not Urgent 


And it’s so clear when we stop and check back in our days what we are actually SPENDING TIME doing it , and what we could actually INVEST TIME doing it !


Let me break it down for you ;


  1. Not important & Not Urgent  – How much time people waste on unproductive social media browsing, or doing any other time-wasting activities ?


  1. Urgent but Not Important – Distractions and Interruptions – how many times we plan our day but out of sudden someone call and things get messy ?


  1. Important and Urgent – Our daily commitments, our currently work… how much are we doing everyday with bunch of important and urgent things that doesn’t allow us to stop and focus on the big picture, focus on what is really important in life or maybe working too many hours just to pay bills but not building an future empire…?


  1. Important but nit Urgent – How many thing we know it will be good if we get it done but we keep procrastinating and pushing forward , but we know if we do that thing our life could change…?



Create time for what really matters for you in all the areas of your life. If we want to live the life of our dreams, someone needs to build it … guess who will be that “SOMEONE” – YOU!!!!!


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