TBT30 – Total Body Transformation in 30 days

Designed to help people to achieve a lean and tone body, teaching you how to eat right and train right so you can achieve the results you always wanted with no more struggles. You can lose from 4kg to 7kg in 4 weeks if your goal is to lose weight but you also can get fitter and build muscles in case your goal is to gain weight and toned your body. Whatever your goal is, you can definitely progress so much during this 4 weeks!!!

Some people have try for so long to get in shape but there is science behind of it and if a person it’s not doing it right, will be very hard to see Results.

This is what you get:

  – 8 Training sessions

  – Customised Workout plan for 30 days

  – Customised Nutrition Plan for 30 days adjusted weekly accordantly with your body progress.

  – Body composition test to let you know exactly your body fat% levels , muscle mass, water weight, BMR… so we can track of your progress weekly.

Will be a 4 weeks of total immersion on your fitness and nutrition journey and I’m sure, if you follow the program 100% , you will see amazing results !

It’s a very small group of Max 5 people. Who I will narrow down to only those who really want to see results so badly, creating a perfect environment for progress and success .

Time/Schedule: Tuesdays and Fridays 12 t0 1pm (for the November month starting on 5th November) 

Investment: Rm 1500 

WhatsApp me now at +60124510670 to get start it !

Rafael Duro 

Fitness & Nutrition Coach