You have an amazing potential in life. Everyone have it. But often , the desire to achieve things ‘FAST” makes everything more complicate. The fact of “not” achieving the the goals and dreams people set to do it is based on most of the time , based on “time”.


The “Time” we say we want to achieve. But sometimes we gotta understand that we are not in control of the future, we are not in control of possible problems that might appears , they only thing we are in control is our actions daily.


To achieve a specific goal , we need a plan , a process. The capacity to execute the plan and going through the process will define if you will achieve or not your goals.


No matter how FAST you would like to achieve your goal, if you don’t follow the plan and do the process, you wont achieve. If you miss one day out of the plan, you will delay the process.


Be aware of your limiting beliefs of telling yourself certain things are so hard to accomplish, or other things are take too long to happen… if that it’s happening to you , clearly you don’t have a plan and a process to follow trough.


Invest time on the creating of the process, thinking of every possible action that will help you to get to your goal. Once you finish the planning part, it’s time to EXECUTE the process, putting on relentless hours , days, with a clear mindset of executing what you have planned. The goal for sure will be reached.


Never overestimate what you should do or achieve in one year, and never underestimate the success you could have in five years if you plan, create and execute a process.


This is what I do. The creation of your process to achieve your fitness goal. It’s simple, it’s doable, it’s amazing , but you need to execute one step at a time, one day at a time, one hour at a time.


Click below if you are ready to achieve your goals by creating a successful plan and executing the process.


Rafael Duro

Strength & Conditioning & Nutrition Coach